New, Nordic ConTech partnership brings Unicontrol 3D to new Scandinavian markets

Unicontrol signed a partnership agreement with a Swedish supplier of machine control technology, L5 Navigation. The partnership will bring Unicontrol3D to the rest of Scandinavia. 

The new generation of the machine control system, L5 U3D-X, will be launched in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, as a part of L5’s product range. The system will be distributed and serviced by L5 Navigation. The official launch is on the 1st of March, and people can already place orders.

The system’s core is our software, Unicontrol3D, a user-focused system developed by people with in-depth technical knowledge and many years of experience from the machine control industry. The main goal is to make the operator’s job easier, something both Unicontrol and L5 Navigation strive for.

Our CEO, Ehsan Ekhlas, says: “Unicontrol is immensely excited to partner up with L5. With Unicontrol3D, a combined hardware platform, and L5’s local market and machine knowledge, we are confident that we have a product that fits the needs of any contractor, operator, and machine across the different markets. We are happy to know that all of our nordic customers will enjoy the benefits of L5’s experienced employee and service network across the different markets.” 

L5 Navigation is an established distributor in the respective markets with a deep understanding of the industry’s demand and experience. They have been searching for the next system that focuses on the end customer, the machine operator, and a system applied to all types of excavators.

CEO of L5 Navigation, Martin Lindgren, says: “Machine control is perceived as a bit complicated, but now we see great opportunities to let more people take part in its full potential with an extremely easy-to-use system. Also, we have always had the ambition to develop a solution that provides better profitability much faster than our industry colleagues, which we consider ourselves to have succeeded in”.


Unicontrol signed a deal with the biggest Danish construction company, Aarsleff

Unicontrol is now the leading supplier of machine control for all compact excavators at Aarsleff.

Bo Mikkelsen, head of the machinery division in Aarsleffs construction and earthmoving department, says :

“We see Unicontrol and the team behind as an exciting bid for machine control with 3D solutions for excavators with a swingarm in our case. Pricing is reasonable, and they are the first movers in the area of smaller-to medium-sized excavators when it comes to 3D machine control systems. Simultaneously, it is a very userfriendly and attractive solution, especially in our 8-tonnes excavators, as this segment quite often has different operators, he says.

“To Aarsleff, it is essential that we have a reliable backup from our suppliers. Unicontrol is very strong in support and living up to our high expectations in their journey to become an established supplier of machine control systems”, he adds.

Frank Andreasen, machine instructor at Aarsleff, comments:

“We have for some time been looking for a system that fits into our small and midsized excavators. The systems that we use on our bigger excavators are too expensive and complicated for the smaller machines. The system from Unicontrol, on the other hand, fits because it is easily installed and reasonably priced. It is fast and easy for the operator to get comfortable operating the system, even when he has no previous experience with machine control – this is an essential issue in a busy everyday operation like ours”.

Ehsan Ekhlas, CEO in Unicontrol says:

“This is a breakthrough for us. The deal means that our products and solutions have been acknowledged and recognized by one of the major construction companies, even by northern European standards, and this can lift us to a higher level in development, both in Denmark and
internationally, he says, and he continues:

“And that is precisely our objective, set together with our investors and co-owners. Working with our system installed means improving efficiency because the system is developed on a high level of user-involvement and process-analyses of the construction industry’s workflow”.

Unicontrol has focused on research in concepts and processes in the construction sector to develop a userfriendly system. A smoothly integrated system into an existing workflow can improve excavating operations effectively by more than 30 per cent.