We strive to make the machine operator as independent as possible!

about us

Unicontrol was born out of a need for a user-friendly and straightforward 3D machine control system. This is why we have developed Unicontrol3D, a machine control system with a quick introduction, reasonable price, and swing boom support for medium-sized excavators – made for the machine operator.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading manufacturer of a simple 3D-GPS machine control system for all types of excavators. We are here to prove that machine control can be made simple.


Keep it simple

Unicontrol3D is developed from continuous user-feedback, ensuring only necessary functions. Thus, it provides a user-friendly and straightforward 3D machine control system that will make it easy for the machine operator to learn and use.


We understand the value of time. The ongoing dialogue with our customers has helped us develop a strong support team of distributors who are always there when the machine operator needs help. 

As explained by our customer, Alex, the owner of DPA Enterprise:

“We are extremely impressed by Unicontrol’s service and support. My machine operators always get the best treatment whenever they need help, and the guys from support are always quick at finding a solution. Simply, the best support.”

Determination and hard work

Our team consists of down-to-earth, determined, and hard-working professionals. We are here to challenge the construction industry’s regular conventions that imply complicated and technical 3D machine control systems. Our team is diverse in age and experience – this diversity is our strength, which ensures that different perspectives support our processes. It also makes our everyday work more fun!

Our determination and hard work have placed Unicontrol as the only machine control supplier on the market that also supports compact excavators with a swingarm.

Are you interested in hearing more about Unicontrol, then give us a call at +45 89 800 240 or send an email to contact@unicontrol.io